The Kid Factor: Apple Overlooked This For Apple Watch Notifications


I’m sure this issue affects many parent, not just those with kids on the spectrum. One of the main reasons anyone has a smart watch is to get notifications. However, the way Apple views the use of the Apple Watch and iPhone can cause an issue. Like most kids, my son loves iPads and iPhones. For someone who does not know how to use the search box, I am amazed every time he ends up on Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or train videos. Man does J love train videos. There is the cartoon train called Bob that he found one day. I think we may have seen every video ever produced and there are a ton. Two things my son loves are the alphabet and numbers and Bob has those covered. Here’s an example:

I really have to give the folks at Google credit for being able to read my sons mind. This scares some people, but I appreciate it. In fact, I have a list of questions I’d like to ask them.

To the point of this post, my wife and I both got Apple watches as gifts last year. One reason we wanted them was to get notifications. More my wife than me because my son always seems to have her phone. Apple, in their wisdom, apparently decided that if your phone screen was on / you were using your phone, you don’t need to get notifications on your watch. I see their logic, but they forgot about the kid factor. When my son has my wife’s phone she needs to get the notifications on her watch.

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My son, and I’m sure many others, aren’t going to stop watching Bob to tell Mom that Dad just texted asking a question. After every new update I hope that this becomes possible, but so far no. Turn it off by default if you want, but just give me the ability to turn on this feature. Am I the only one wanting this? I can’t be. Got to go, my watch is telling me to breathe.

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