Autism: Another Topic of Interest To Me

Side blog. Sub-blog. Autism Blog. Call it what you want.

I’ve decided to add another “section” to my blog. Really its a very different blog that is going to share the Schooled in Tech name space. If you’ve read any of my other blog posts, and it’s quite possible that you haven’t, you know I am a huge supporter of technology in education.

In the past few years my posts have primarily been about using Google’s G Suite and Chromebooks in the classroom and I’m going to continue writing these posts.

These blog posts are going to be a bit different. This is one is going to be closer to home. I have 3 wonderful and talented children. Each has there own special gifts and interests. My youngest is my son J. J is currently 6 years old. When he was 2, he was diagnosed with level 3 autism. Level three means he is “Requiring Very Substantial Support”.

Why write this autism blog?

I have a few different reasons. One, years ago I was searching the web looking for answers and perhaps there are others beginning that journey now. In my search I realized there aren’t answers, at least not to the questions I was asking.

What I did find were others who had been on the same journey before me and who began blogging about there experiences. I found comfort in knowing there were other parents out there sharing not only the bad, but not only the good either. As I hope to share in this blog, somethings with J are difficult and other things are fun and hilarious.

Another reason is for my own benefit. Just like any kid, what J does now is totally different than what he did a few years ago. I want to be able to look back in the future on what J is doing now.

Why tie this new autism blog to Schooled in Tech?

That’s easy. I already own Schooled in Tech. My blog site is established and it was fairy easy to separate them out. If in 6 months, I’m still the only one reading any of these autism posts, I don’t have a ton of prep time invested.

So, we’ll will see how it goes. If nothing else, I know at least one person who will enjoy the autism blog… 🙂

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