Autism, A Difference In Perspective; A Horizontal iPad Can Be Upside Down


img_7171.jpgIf I handed you an iPad, I bet you would instinctively hold it with the home button on the bottom. Your thinking of course you would, that’s the correct way to hold it. I agree with you. I would too. Even though most apps and even the home screen will rotate when the home button is on the top, I wouldn’t intentionally use it that way. It would just seem weird.

Well, how about sideways? Is there are right-side up for a sideways iPad. You may think so. It may depend on whether you are left or right handed. It may depend on how your iPad case is designed to stand up. Maybe there is a picture on the case. Whatever the reason, could you use it the other way or would it completely turn your world upside down?

A Different Perspective

J wouldn’t be able to handle it. Now obviously not being able to use an iPad upside down does not mean you have Autism. I’m simply using this as an example of things that happen at home.

A few weeks ago I gave J a bath. We’d been having an issue with him splashing. To try to redirect him, I played one of his favorite Dora episodes on his iPad which I propped up sideways on the counter. J kept trying to get out of the tub. I told him no and he would say “no” and start flailing around in the tub. Then the process would repeat. Finally, I just let him get out of the tub. He walked over to the iPad, flipping it 180 degrees, then got back in the tub.

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That was all he wanted to do. After that he was fine. According to J the iPad with the trains is right-side up. The one with the hill is upside down. It was becoming a major meltdown and it only took a few seconds to fix. Now, if J had taken off out of the bathroom and not come back, that would of required intervention on my part to bring him back to the tub. At that point we would of both needed to just work on quickly getting through bath time.

I am working hard on trying to “pick my battles.” I imagine it must be very frustrating for J when he’s do his best to communicate what he wants and we don’t understand. We are both learning everyday!

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