Creating Web Clips on iPads in Meraki

Web Clips are like Internet shortcuts you would save to your PC’s desktop. Sorry, Clippy popped in my head. You can use the Meraki MDM to push these shortcuts to your iPads. They will look just like App icons. Along with naming the web clip you can also assign it a picture.

What kind of web clips might you create?

  • School Website
  • Student Surveys
  • MAP Testing
  • Achieve3000

Here’s how to create a web clip:

Note: Users including myself have experienced difficultly when trying to upload web clip images using Internet Explorer. I have not had an issue when using FireFox or Chrome.

  1. Log into the Meraki Dashboard
  2. Choose the correct network if you have access to more than one
  3. On the left side of the screen click on MDM > Profiles
  4. Click on a profile that is currently being applied to the iPads you want to add the web clip to. (You can create a completely new profile if you want, but its probably not necessary unless you don’t currently have a profile that is running on all the iPads you want the web clip on)
  5. Click on Edit Profile Settings
  6. Click on the Web Clips tab
  7. Click Create a Web Clip
  8. CaptureEnter a Label (what you what the iPad to show as the Name)
  9. Enter the URL to the website
  10. Upload a picture to be the Icon for the clip. The image can be a PNG file up to 144×144 pixels. There are other more sophisticated programs to create these, but I usually just use Paint.
  11. Checking Removable allows a user to delete the web clip. I doubt you want to check this.
  12. Checking Full Screen makes the website open full screen and it looks more like an app rather than that it opened in Safari. This seems like a great idea, but you’ll need to test the web clip. For example, if you try and run MAP testing in full screen, it won’t work because the testing site needs to open other tabs and the Full Screen feature disables that capability. 🙁
  13. Checking Precomposed means the icon will look exactly like the image you uploaded. If you don”t check this box the shading on the icon may be different.
  14. Click Save Changes
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After a few minutes the Web Clip should start appearing on the iPads which are applying the profile. You can make changes to the web clip or delete the web clip and the iPads will update the changes.

If your web clip is not showing up, double check that the iPads are being assigned the profile. If you need help let me know.

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