How To Download a VPP Token for use in Meraki

In order for Meraki to be able to assign users apps that you have purchased with your VPP account a relationship has to be setup between Meraki and Apple. Apple handles this with a token. This isn’t a physical token, but that’s what always come mind when I think about it. You have to download a token from Apple and I have to upload it to Meraki. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t believe in long term relationships and therefore makes the token only valid for a year. For many of our VPP accounts, that year will expire this summer. So I’d like for all VPP account tokens to be updated now so that all tokens will expire at the same time next year.

Here’s how to download your token.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In (blue button; top right of screen)
  3. Enter your VPP Apple ID and password
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Click on the down arrow next to your VPP email address
  6. Click on Account Summary
  7. Click on Download Token
  8. Save the the file
  9. Send the token to me as an email attachment with the subject VPP Token

Once I receive your token I’ll upload it to Meraki and you’ll be all set until this time next year.

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