The number of Chromebooks used in schools has exploded over the last few years! Why are they so popular? Are they worth having or are they just another device schools are buying? How do they compare to the PCs we currently use in our schools?

In this session, Jerry and I point out the differences between PCs & Chromebooks, how they are used by students, and why they have been so successful. Below you will find links to each video we showed in our session and the corresponding slide information.


Wait! The videos haven’t been released yet 🙁

We will be releasing all of the videos and content immediately after our ISTE presentation on June 24th.


ISTE 2018

We’d very much like to see you at our ISTE session in Chicago on Sunday June 24th at 11:30AM! There will be time between laughs throughout the session for Q & A.








Innovations for Learning Conference 2018

Live in Kentucky? Before ISTE, we will be presenting our session at the IFL Conference in Lexington, KY on June 7th.


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Blooper Reel

While you wait for the release of our useful content, we invite you to check out our blooper reel. Fortunately for you, nothing was completed in one take.



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