Power On A Stubborn Chromebook

img_4110Sometimes you run into a Chromebook that will not turn on no matter how many times you try. Here’s are a few things you can try before you send it in for repair.

Force a Chromebook reboot

I talked about how in a previous post called How To Force Reboot A Chromebook


The power of the power cable

Try these steps:

  1. Close the lid of the Chromebook
  2. Plug in the power cord
  3. Open the lid

I have often seen an issue where the power button would not turn on the Chromebook even with a charged Chromebook, but these steps would. Afterwards the Chromebook power button worked again.

Will the Chromebook charge?

I’ve run into charging issues on most of the Chromebooks models we have at some point. Plug in the power cord and see if the light on the Chromebook next to the plug lights up.

  1. Orange = charging
  2. Green = charged
  3. Off = bad news

If you get result #3 then at best you have a motherboard issue or a bad charging port. The Chromebook needs to be repaired.

If the Chromebook charges and these tricks don’t work you’ve given it your best shot. Time to have the Chromebook looked at.

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