How To Force Reboot A Chromebook

I often have Chromebooks sent to me for repair with a black or blank screen issue. Some users report the Chromebook will not turn on.

This Chromebook hack will force your Chromebook to reboot even if it is frozen or locked up. Great Chromebook tip for Chromebooks in the classroom used by students and teachers. #chromebook #edtech #gsuite

Indeed, when you pressed the power button you could tell that the screen was getting power, but you just saw a black screen and nothing else.

The good news is this is often an easy fix.

The Chromebook needs a forced reboot. You can restart a Chromebook with the keyboard.

Force A Chromebook To Reboot

On the Chromebook keyboard press the Power button and the Reload button at the same time.

Chromebook frozen? Blank screen? Try this keyboard shortcut to force your #Chromebook to reboot. Easy troubleshooting tip! Click To Tweet

This forces the Chromebook to reboot. Remember the old PC reset buttons? 

This may or may not fix your issue, but it’s definitely worth adding to your bag of troubleshooting tricks.

It is also useful if your Chromebook “freezes” / stops responding.

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How To Force A Chromebook to Reboot. Sometimes a Chromebook freezes or nothing will show on the screen. This occasionally happens for students and teachers in schools. Here's how to make your Chromebook reset or reboot. #chromebook #google #laptop #teacher #student #school #techtip

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    1. Hi Julie,

      If your Chromebook does not show a battery charging or it never passes 1%, then it’s likely you need a new battery.

  1. Mr. Carty,
    Thank you very much for posting and sharing.
    This worked easily and was the perfect solution for my
    Samsung Chromebook. Much appreciated.

  2. This was a lifesaver!! My Pixel chromebook trackpad had stopped working, and this reboot restored it.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

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