How To Set A Profile Picture in G Suite and Office 365

In a previous G Suite post I mentioned setting a profile picture (Who’s Connected To My Google Doc And What’s A Profile Image?). In that post I didn’t mention how to do it. So guess what this post is about.

Why You Need A Profile Picture

OK, so need it too strong of a word. A profile picture has zero effect on what you can do in G Suite or Office 365. However, there are some programs and apps that at times show your profile picture rather than your name. Skype for Business and Google Docs are two examples that come to mind.

Also, profile pictures are more eye catching than whatever the program or app uses as a generic profile image. Plus, maybe its just me, but a profile picture makes you stand out.

Do you email with people you have never met? Do you post on Facebook and have your “friends” share your posts with others? Have you used Twitter to help you develop a personal learning community to get teaching ideas? Have you shared your board of great housekeeping ideas on Pinterest?

Often, your profile picture is part of your first impression.

How to Setup a Profile Picture in Google G Suite

There is more than one place to setup your profile picture in G Suite. For these directions, I’ll set it in Google Drive.

  1. Open Google Drive by going to
  2. On the right side of the window click on your current profile image which by default is the first letter of your name.
  3. Click on Change. At this point you need a picture. Maybe I should have started with that info. Personally, I think that profile images should either be a picture of you or some close representation like a Bitmoji. Remember this is sometimes the first time others have seen you. This is just my personal opinion. You may see it differently.
  4. Drag your picture to the window or click on Select a photo from your computer and browse to your picture.
  5. Once you have chosen you picture you can reposition, rotate and adjust the zoom.
  6. Lastly, click Set as profile photo

This will set your profile image across most of G Suite. You may have to log out of G Suite and back in to see the image change. You can to follow the same steps to change your profile image in other apps such as Google+.

Setting A Profile Picture in Office 365

Again, there is more than one way to setup your profile image, but this one of the simpler ways

  1. Go to and log in with your credentials
  2. Click the generic profile image in the top right corner
  3. Click My profile
  4. Click the camera pictureOffice 365 Profile Picture
  5. Drag your picture to the window or click on Upload a new photo
  6. Once you have chosen you picture you can reposition and adjust the zoom.
    Office 365 Profile Picture
  7. Lastly, click Set as profile photo

This will set your profile image across Office 365 including when you use Outlook.

Dave Carty

K12 district technology administrator, Google domain admin, Certified Google Trainer.

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