Google Activity Dashboard: See The View History Of Your Shared Google Docs, Sheets & Slides

View History MessageOne of the main benefits of using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides is how easy they are to share with others. Google has now released the Activity Dashboard for all three products so that users with edit rights can see who has viewed a particular file and when.

You may see this message the next time you open a G Suite document. To allow view history to work click I UNDERSTAND. Keep reading to learn what information you and others can see.




How To Open the Activity Dashboard

  1. tools menu

    Open a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide document of which you have edit rights

  2. Click Tools > Activity dashboard…





History Missing? There are a few possible reasons why.

  • You will only see view activity on files that are owned by a Google Account that can use Activity Dashboard. For example you wouldn’t see if for a file owned by a personal account.
  • There may be just too many viewers of a file to record all of them
  • You won’t see the view history of people who choose to hide it.

Privacy Settings


It is possible to disable the ability for others to view your history on collaborative documents. Keep in mind, the Activity Dashboard does not give people access to see what you are doing in your entire Google Drive. If you and I were collaborating on a file, I could see times you viewed the file and you could see the same for me. That’s it and only for that particular file.

More Information From Google

See Google’s support page for more information on the Activity Dashboard.


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